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The LJB Group has partner companies to provide a totally comprehensive service. Due to the complexity in identifying overcharges and remediating overpayments in the healthcare industry, we work with separate partners that have specific expertise that complement our unique technology capability to provide a compressive service with entities that have experience working together.

Odyssey Health Systems

Odyssey Health Systems (OHS) has been a partner with LJB for several years. LJB has relied on OHS to provide its medical coding expertise to support appeals and influence the design of our products. Our combined service bodes well to TPA’s of self-funded entities that choose to utilize our overpayment protection service, ARMOR. OHS combines state of the art technology and services from companies such as GE Centricity, Quatris Health and eTactics, with the proven expertise of OHS. OHS is a premier medical billing, practice management, and consulting organization which simplifies the burden of daily practice business operations while optimizing revenue and return on investment.


LJB has partnered with Innovative Healthware Services, Inc. IHS builds custom provider networks for self-insured employer groups and their servicing TPAs. Our combined services reduce cost to the self-funded employer and payer while making our overpayment protection service, ARMOR, seamless to the TPA. Under its ClaimsBridge services name, IHS provides solutions that help third party administrators (TPAs), payers and self-insured employer groups gain more control over healthcare coverage and costs. The ClaimsBridge Custom Provider Network services, ClaimsBridge Connects EDI transaction management services and LJB’s ARMOR can be rapidly implemented to provide greater control and savings for TPAs and their clients.

Trilogy Consulting Group

LJB works closely with one of the most respected audit firms in the United States, Trilogy Consulting Group. (Trilogy). Experienced with the auditing of self-funded entity plans that are most all ASO agreements with the major insurance carriers and union plans as well. Trilogy is our on-site audit partner who literarily wrote the book on claims administration as sited below. Corporate client base includes: Toyota, Briggs & Stratton, McDonalds, and Wrigley along with many others over the past 25 years. Trilogy also provides claim audit services to union clients including the following clients with Taft-Hartley Plans. Sheet Metal Workers, Pipefitters, Laborers, and Plumbers.

Trilogy publishes a proprietary and nationally recognized claims policy and procedures manual. This 2,500 page reference, "The Trilogy Claims Administrative Handbook is used by the major insurance companies, third party administrators, self-administered unions, consulting firms and auditors, as guidelines for claims administration and to remain current with constantly changing regulations.