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About Us

The LJB Group, LLC was founded by Larry Longhi and Ben Balke with offices in Jacksonville, Florida. Their vision is to provide self-funded healthcare companies a check and balance to their healthcare spending. Both principles have started and operated several companies in their careers and have been executives in healthcare IT companies.

Larry Longhi

Mr. Longhi, President of LJB Group, has held numerous executive positions from Senior Vice President to CEO over the past 30 years. Mr. Longhi was one of the original executives of CMSI (NASDAQ: CMSX) and played a key role for 16 years and was personally involved in the IPO in 1995. He later co-founded Reassure Technologies, Intl (RTI) that developed assessment software to identify medical claims overpayments before co-founding the LJB Group.

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Ben Balke

Mr. Balke, Managing Partner of LBJ Group, serves as president of Etchasoft Incorporated, a computer software consulting firm that specializes in custom software development. Prior to this, Balke held the position of vice-president of delivery for Computer Associates International. Mr. Balke has developed several products in Healthcare IT and has his company, Etchasoft, in an ownership position at The LJB Group providing the product development of ARM.

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